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Aisha Rig

Aisha is a lightweight character rig that can be animated with in Autodesk Maya. One of my goals is to represent more minorities in the industry, and releasing a rig that looks like a minority can help raise awareness. Another goal is to create rigs that don't look like other character rigs out there. She runs real-time, has a robust facial rig, and is a great, flexible rig to use for practice, personal projects, or commercial use.

As an added bonus, the Aisha rig actually has two clothing variants: one in traditional Indian attire, and normal shirt and jeans. She also comes with a pose library of key expressions.

Additionally, I have also used this rig in a DOMESTIKA course on creating an expression test. If you would like to also take a look at this course, please click on this link:


This rig was made by Sagar Arun, Mia Pray, and Rijah Kazuo.


Aisha Rig

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